Addison Lee Eats Mandingo

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Everyone says hello to Addison Lee, a beautiful blonde from the Midwest who is, among other things, the Queen of Dimensions. Oh sure, Addison Lee was one of those girls who said things like, size doesn’t matter, it’s the movement of the ocean… until she met her first big cock. That was a few years ago. One of the companions she grew up with (one of the few blacks in her small town) changed Addison’s mind the moment he pushed her! Addison had never felt so full before, and she’s been looking for it ever since! That’s why she ended up on Dogfart Network! Addison Lee Lee knows the rep for Dogfart, so how could we be disappointed? Enter Mandingo…and all 14 inches. Circumference too. Watch the charming Mrs. Lee try to stuff all that meat in her mouth. Even better? Watch his eyeballs roll back to the back of his head as Goofy goes deep! So relax and enjoy the show!! Addison did it!