How to Recognize a Queen of Spades


Everybody wants a queen of spades. They are probably the most fun women when it comes to sex. Forget about the blondes. The white ladies who are BBC addicts are the true fun women. That’s because they know how good sex should feel and they are always looking for one-night stands with black bulls whose dicks could stretch out their pussies and fill them up with a big load of fresh cum. No matter if you are a black man on the hunt for white ladies or if you are a white man who wants a hotwife, you should check out this guide on how to find a queen of spades out in the wild. Or even how to recognize that your beloved girlfriend or wife is deep down a queen of spades.


Look for the Tattoo

The clearest sign that a white woman is a queen of spades is the classic tattoo that all these ladies have. That’s a tattoo of a black queen of spades heart. Most of them have it tattooed in a place where it can easily be spotted, such as on the inside of their wrist or right above their ankles. What you should know about the ladies who already have this tattoo is that they are already initiated into the BBC lifestyle. They’ve been on the massive dick carousel for years, and they got the tattoo to make it easier for black men to spot them in the wild. And you should know that it works like magic. If you’re a black man, and you see a white lady who is branded as a BBC slut, just walk up to her. You don’t even need to talk. She will give herself to you on the spot. Some of them are willing to worship your dick and ride it in the back of your car or in the bathroom stall of the bar or club where you come across her.

And if you are a white man who is looking for a hotwife, be prepared to be cucked if you get into a relationship or marry a woman who has a queen of spades tattoo. They are the best and the most brutal hotwives. Not only that they will have so much pleasure getting fucked by a black bull in front of you, but they also tend to be merciless about taunting and humiliating you for having such a small dick. The degradation kink is what makes them cum even harder.


Watch Porn Together

If you’re already in a relationship or married to a white lady and you want to know about her thoughts regarding black cocks, you should start looking for the signs. The easiest way to find out if she’s turned by black bulls is to start watching porn together. You can start with a regular type of porn that ladies like, such as lesbian porn or even MMF threesome porn. And then, while you browse through movies, you can slowly steer the content towards something BBC-related. Pay attention to her reaction. If she gets turned on harder by interracial porn, that’s your sign that you have a queen of spades in the making on your hands. From regular interracial porn to cuckold porn there’s just a small step. Don’t be afraid to take it. You might be surprised by how willing a woman is to open up about her BBC fantasies when she’s in the heat of the moment.


Choose the Right Time to Talk About Sexual Fantasies

If you don’t want to waste your time when you try to expose your girlfriend or wife as a queen of spades, you can simply be upfront about it. Many couples are open about their fantasies. And if you find it easy to talk about sex and what you like in the bedroom, it will be just as easy to come out as a cuck and confess to your woman that you would be turned on by knowing that she thinks about black dicks all the time. Just make sure to choose the right moment to come out as a cuck. You can do it during sex, through dirty talking. When fucking her, let her know that you would love to have another man in the bedroom and help you fuck her even harder. And if she’s open to the idea, just come out and tell her that you’ll love to see a black man fucking her. Women are much more open-minded and receptive to dirty ideas in the middle of sex. Another great time to talk about BBC fantasies after a night of drinking, especially when you’re on holiday. Most couples have their first threesome experiences while on holiday. And that’s also a good moment to come out as a cuck and ask your lady if she would be your queen of spades.

And if you’re lucky to find a queen of spades or to find out that your beloved woman is a queen of spades, the next thing you should do is to organize the first cuckolding experience and enjoy looking at your chick getting properly fucked by a black bull. We wrote a guide on how to organize your first cuckolding experience. Read it and then go enjoy your ultimate fantasy!


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