Queen of Spades Revenge

Queen of Spades Revenge

How would you feel when you are newly married and your husband is moving with his girlfriend? This is my story and I had my revenge; Queen of Spades Revenge.

I am Carolina. I am an affluent politician’s daughter. I am 5 feet 7 inches tall, blue-eyed with a slim figure like a model. Being from an affluent family, my parents were very strict. No boys, no drinking, and no party.  Most of you won’t believe it but this is the truth. My husband is a famous TV Journalist. His show has almost got TRP among news channels. My Father arranged a match with him because he could help him in his political career and in return, he expected political favors too. I do not have any problem with marriage. Tell me why any girl would have it. He is rich and handsome what else you need in your life. Here is the biggest mistake girls like me make. We don’t realize that you are not the only one eyeing him, there are other girls, particularly in his office or college that are willing to settle with him. I never thought of it but when I got married, I came to realize my mistake.

My husband never touched me on the wedding night. He spent the whole night talking to someone on the phone. The way he was behaving I was certain he had another woman in your life. I asked him about it and he shouted at me as it was none of my business. I had tears in my eyes. This sort of busy phone conversation becomes normal. He was on the phone or on his laptop at breakfast, at lunch, at dinner even in bed. I desperately wanted him to undress me, make me a woman but no he was not interested.

One fine day I caught him in the market shopping with another girl. He was holding hands, chatting, laughing like a newly married man. The girl was his girlfriend. I felt so much anger. He should be doing it with me but he is doing it with another girl. When I confronted him and his girlfriend about it. He said look honey you are not pretty enough to excite me. This was so humiliating for me. I had tears. I decided to teach my husband a lesson.

I know about the Queen of Spades game from my college friends. Many friends have a spade tattoo on their shoulder showing they are exclusive to black men even if they are married. Although I never participated in it and never got any tattoos. Yes, I do like black men yet I stay away from boys because of my family. The lover should be trustworthy.  Suddenly Frank came into my mind.

Frank is a black man. He is a driver, my father. He worked for us since teenager. He is very loyal. He would be the right player for Queen of Spades. I call him home, tell him everything about what’s going on in my life and my Queen of spades revenge. His first reaction was of shock naturally. He suggested divorce. I agreed to it yet I wanted to give him a chance besides doesn’t he want to make love to a beautiful white woman? Frank doesn’t have an answer for this. He was silent. I took advantage of it and started stroking his cheek moving to lips. I even gave a warm kiss on his lips.

That was enough to raise manliness in him. He jumped on me like a hungry lion kissing me ferociously on the lips. His hands move on my top straps. Soon he removed my straps and threw them high in the air. all seconds my bra was gone. He looked at my beautiful bosom, gently stroking it. I was relieved that someone was appreciating my beauty.  I closed my eyes and wished this moment never to end. Frank kept on stroking my bosom. Then he moved down and gave soft kisses on my lips, neck, and bosom.

I embraced him with his hands enjoying every moment of his kiss. While doing this, he unzipped his pants and pushed his dick inside me. He moved slowly first then moved fastly. You know what I did next. I took out a selfie and WhatsApp to my husband saying your ugly duckling is being eaten by someone else.  Immediately my husband called. He asked what I was doing. I told him I was having my Queen of Spades moment. It’s his last chance either he comes to me or I am going public. He threatened me with my family. I told him, I didn’t care. What I care about is shaming you in public.

The next day my husband came. He apologized for his behavior and promised to remain loyal to me. Thus, I saved my marriage by playing Queen of Spades.


A HotQos’ erotic short story. Image courtesy of Black4K