Queens of Spades And Everything You Need To Know About Them

Queens of Spades

No matter if you are into queens of spades, if you are a queen of spades, or if you wish your wife to be one, you should know some things about them and about all the awesome porn that the internet can offer with this kink. A queen of spades is a married white woman who loves black cock so much that they will get it no matter what. There are so many ways in which they get it. Some queens will convince their small-dick husbands to become cucks so that they can enjoy black dicks in front of them and taunt them on how much better a BBC feels in their pussies.


Other queens of spades will cuck their husbands so much that they will get a black boyfriend who can fuck them in privacy while the husbands wait for them at home. But in most cases, a queen of spades will go behind her husband’s back and get a black lover so that she can enjoy his monster cock in lustful and adulterous ways. We’ll talk about all these different types in which the queens of spades can please their addiction to black cocks in the following paragraphs. And at the end, we’ll give you a tip on how you can please your queen of spades fetish even if you don’t have a wife.


Queens Of Spades Who Cuck Their Husbands

Cuckolding porn helped couples from all around the world to be more open-minded when it comes to their fantasies. And as you might know, there are way more wives who fantasize about a black cock than husbands with a cuck fetish. So, naturally, in most cases of interracial cuckolding, it’s the wife who drags her husband into her lustful fantasies. It’s true that anyone who watches a woman fucked by a black man will always get turned on. So in the end, the hubbies get their share of fun too. Especially if they are allowed to enjoy a sloppy second and use the bull’s cum as lube to fuck their wive’s gapped pussy. But for the most part, the husbands are down to welcome a black bull in the bedroom just because their wives demand it.


Queens of Spades With Black Boyfriends

Some queens of spades are so dominant over their husbands that they will make them wait at home whenever they go out to enjoy a black cock. Some of these cold-hearted wives will even send their husbands videos of themselves sucking black cocks or getting pounded. And the hubbies have to patiently wait at home while a real man properly pleases their woman. Being the husband of a queen of spades is not easy. But it can be so satisfying if the husband gives into the kink and accepts that his dick can never stretch his wife’s cunt. There are couples who take this kink to the extreme. Some wives ask their black boyfriends to cum inside their pussies and then they bring the creampie back to their hubbies so that the hubbies could have a sloppy second or even clean it up with their tongues.


Queens of Spades Who Cheat On Their Hubbies

Not all husbands can be convinced that their small white dick is good for nothing. In fact, most of the husbands can’t get over this fact. That’s why most queens of spades will go behind their backs to please their addictions to BBCs. You can ask any black man about it. They will tell you that they have multiple married white women who are cheating on their husbands just to enjoy a proper cock. They will also tell you that a cheating queen of spades will enjoy their black dicks way more intensely. If you don’t believe men, try searching the internet for some real amateur sex tapes of guys who cheat on their husbands with black men. Those videos in which the husbands are calling and wives answer the phone while jerking and sucking on a black dick are so brutal. And when they hang up the phone to start enjoying the black cock, they go crazy on it.


Queens of Spades JOI

If you are a man and you dream of being married to a queen of spades, but you did not come out as a BBC slut yet or you’re not even married, there is a way for you of pleasing this wonderful kink. You can enjoy some queens of spades JOI porn. JOI stands for “jerk-off instructions” and it’s the porn style in which a woman is solo in front of the camera and she breaks the fourth wall, talking directly to the viewer.


The new age JOI porn is not about jerk-off instructions anymore. It’s all about roleplaying. There’s a lot of stepmom and stepsis JOI porn on the web. But you will also find a lot of queens of spades JOI in which a hot porn star or an independent model will talk into the camera as if she is your wife who is addicted to big black cocks. The scenarios are variated. Some will tell you the story of how they cheated on you with a black man and how good it felt. Others will train you on how to act once their new black bull comes home to fuck her. There are even videos in which the queens of spades will use massive black dildos to pretend they are riding black cocks in front of you. And the acting of these ladies is so convincing, that you’ll start feeling like you’re married to a queen of spades.