Gia Milana Is The Best Deal

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Gia Milana’s fiancé is addicted to gambling and owes a lot of money to shady people. They go to Gia’s house to recuperate, but her fiancé is not at home. They want instant money. You know, her man has an addiction… well, lucky for him, so is Gia Milana! Her addiction is COCK! She makes a deal with the collectors… she plays with them, and they give her man an extra week to find the money. It’s a win, a win for everyone! So here she is, on her knees, sucking those damn big black cocks. She really could get the best deal on this deal! She curled her sweet little ass and let one slide into her eager beaver. Slash this! She climbed on top of the other and rode until her pussy ejaculated with pleasure. But her pussy won’t monopolize those cocks. Her ass begging to be pounded. These guys are tearing it down! Fuck her from the back and side of the saddle. Gia Milana rolls to the opposite cowgirl and begs to be stuffed in both holes. After being DPed, she rode one cock until it exploded inside her hot pussy, while the other splattered all over her face.