Gwen Diamond Mouth Filled

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The scene begins with Big Jim doing a mini-interview with Gwen Diamond in the makeup room as she prepares for her shoot. Gwen Diamond is such a loose black slut that as soon as Jimbo mentioned that there were 2 black cocks waiting to abuse her loophole, she stopped everything and started ordering black meat. When the male talent walked in to say hello, she knelt down and started sucking on a black cock like a damn vacuum cleaner right in the dressing room. In fact, the footage never left this room despite Jim’s protests and his efforts to get it out onto the set where it was supposed to be filmed. Gwen Diamond loves being smacked in the face by giant black cuckoos, and only stops sucking her black thumb long enough to cover her mouth before shoving them back into the handle. The boys try not to ruin the room when they ruin her throat and pussy but she’s content to be the stuffed animal in this oreo festival. They boh  her with their frost and leave Gwen a happy, if not exhausted, black dick slut!