Kyler Quinn Loves Older Guys

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It’s almost graduation time, and Kyler Quinn has been working hard after school to complete some extra credit hours under the supervision of the campus football coach. Kyler Quinn has had her eye on this older man for a while, when she is alone and feeling particularly horny. Damn, he’s in good shape, she thinks. It’s now or never, and graduation is quickly approaching, so if she’s going to catch that cock, now is the time. Walking up to the desk, she asks him directly if he would go out with her, and when he says he can’t because of the student-teacher relationship, she presses the case. She shoves it into her mouth on his and places her hand on his cock. Soon, she’s bent over the desk, taking the largest cock she’d ever known existed deep within her. She is literally splitting in two, writhing in ecstasy as her entire body is filled with man root. Jax pulverizes that teen pussy into a sweaty mess and lavishes Kyler Quinn with man juice. What a way to finish high school. Kyler, you’re the man!