Lilly Bell Dreaming Of BBC

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Snowbunny Lilly Bell planned everything for her wedding. This week it’s planning a bachelorette party, she’s on the phone with her friends about all the ideas she and they have. They talk about having male and female strippers. She blushes and says she has never done anything like this. They tell her that this is the only chance she has to get through to do everything she’s always dreamed of and has never been able to do before she’s stuck with the same dork for the entire season. the rest of his life! She started thinking and told them her fantasies about being with 2 men at the same time. Her friend suggests calling Prince and Isiah, the best planners in town, because they fulfilled her dream during her bachelorette party. Lilly Bell called them and brought them in and plucked up the courage to wear something extremely lewd. They come and she talks about her idea while not showing him any panties and constantly touching them. Then just cheekily ask to have their cock removed so she can have one last time with the fantasy she’s always dreamed of. Crazy sex followed, after pop, Lilly Bell told them. It’s the best hen party gift I could have, I’ll pass your number on to all my friends!