Olivia Austin Loves BBC

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Olivia Austin is at the photographer’s studio…the same studio that Melissa Moore visited a few months ago. Olivia comes here to take personal photos and she wants them to be done by professionals. She picked out one of her sexiest outfits and, truth be told, she was looking for more than just professional photos. Olivia Austin is looking for a professional asshole, and the photographer – a handsome, capable black man – is exactly her type. Her pussy was soaked before the shoot started (check out how tight her nipples were during the consultation!), and it wasn’t long before she was stuffed with oversized copper. photographer’s mouth. Speaking of something delicious, her vulva stretches to its fullest as the photographer fucks her, then Olivia Austin gets down on her knees to take a big sip! No wonder… unless you’re Olivia’s husband! He can’t even BJ anymore!!!