Reena Sky Is A Nasty Slut

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Reena Sky’s boyfriend is more interested in money than self-respect. The last time we saw this sad white bag of shit, he was lying on the ground after a nasty punch from Rico Strong. The white guy now has a new love in his life and he wants to clear the air with Rico. The only point in Rico is the huge amount of money he is willing to spend for Rico to destroy his girlfriend. Everyone has a price, and for Rico, it’s cash. Reena Sky is initially shocked by the surprise but then learns to love the big black cock. The boyfriend, who doesn’t deserve a name, tries to decide but his decision has been made: she’s going to drool over this black button. Reena is sucking that huge black cock, and for $200 for a thumb, it will be the sucking job of all the sucking jobs. The Cuckold session escalated when Reena made her boyfriend wear the virginity belt; just in case he’s thinking about getting an erection. Reena’s tight pussy gets stabbed by Rico’s black tube and her screams let her horny know his money was well spent. The cuckold’s humiliation ends only when Rico fucks Reena from behind, rendering the cuckold’s cock useless for any future intercourse with his white box . Rico’s black balls hit Reena’s clitoris and her vulva began to ooze uncontrollably. The horny guy started taking notes in his head as his girlfriend rode that black bull until he got off the car. The wetness from Reena’s pussy covered her inner thighs and her nipples were hard enough to penetrate walls. The cuckold’s payout comes when he has the great honor of licking Rico’s dick out of Reena Sky’s stabbed pussy. Like a dog, its only desire is to make its owner happy. The smile on his face confirmed that.